Evidence-Based, Patient-Centered, Team-Directed Healthcare

Snyder Center for Atrial FibrillationAtrial fibrillation (AF or A-Fib) is the most common irregular or abnormal heart rhythm disorder, affecting more than 3 million Americans today. Thankfully, more options to treat atrial fibrillation are available now than ever before.

The Snyder Center for Comprehensive Atrial Fibrillation moves away from a crisis management approach in favor of a value-based approach that emphasizes the overall health of patients with A-Fib.

The Valley Approach to Treating A-Fib

Patients at the Snyder Center are evaluated by a multidisciplinary team including electrophysiologists and specialists in imaging, cardiology, sleep medicine, nutrition and weight loss management, diabetes, and stress management. The goal is to identify health issues that are contributing to the patient’s A-Fib, such as stress, hypertension, sleep apnea and obesity. Navigators and coordinators guide patients through the entire care continuum. The emphasis is on overall health, not simply treating A-Fib. 

Conditions Treated

Snyder Center Services

The Snyder Center is equipped with the latest technology for the treatment of A-Fib in a setting that emphasizes multidisciplinary patient evaluation and comprehensive follow-up. Our services include:

  • Electrophysiology
  • Weight-loss management
  • Sleep medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Stress reduction
  • Physical fitness
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Care coordination for all clinical services
  • Behavioral cardiology seminars

Initial Physician Consultation

The first step in receiving care is to contact the Snyder Center for a physician consultation. During this appointment, the doctor will determine if you qualify for care under our comprehensive A-Fib program. You may be asked to bring past medical records and other information with you to the appointment. Any steps you will need to take in preparation of the physician consultation will be discussed with you when your appointment is made.

Online physician consultations are also available for new patients. Learn about our convenient, secure online consultations.

Ongoing Monitoring

A key benefit of receiving care at the Snyder Center is our ongoing patient monitoring. When your initial course of treatment is completed, you'll continue to be monitored to ensure your condition has stabilized or is improving. Managing A-Fib is a daily responsibility for many patients, and we'll be there with you as partners in your care.

Snyder Center Team

The Snyder Center introduces a total patient management approach to A-Fib, versus a “silo” approach focused on ablation techniques only. As a result, patients may interact with any of the following healthcare professionals.

  • Electrophysiologists
  • Cardiologists
  • Sleep apnea specialists
  • Weight-loss physician and staff
  • Nutritionist
  • Diagnostic imaging technicians
  • Stress reduction specialists

A nurse practitioner will coordinate all aspects of your care. She will be your partner for all questions and assistance in between appointments. Our A-Fib coordinator will conveniently schedule appointments with specialists as needed.