Welcome to Valley Health System, where our mission is to serve the communities of Northern New Jersey and southern New York with exceptional, world-class healthcare in a regional healthcare setting.

We’re committed to keeping communities healthy through our comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs; highly skilled home care services; community-based medical practices and wellness programs; and collaborations with some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations.

Our Mission

Valley Health System exists to provide healthcare services that meet the changing needs of the region and to promote all aspects of good health in our communities. The people of Valley Health System are committed to quality and respect for the individual. 

Our Vision

Valley Health System will be the health system of choice for patients and their families, doctors, employees and community volunteers. 

We will remain committed to excellence in clinical care and patient and family centered care; responsiveness to community needs; and investment in our people, programs and services, physical facilities and technology. 

We will provide superior service by collaborating with patients, their families, our doctors and each other.

Our Values 


Service – We are privileged to collaborate with and serve our patients, their families, our community and each other.

Excellence – We maintain the highest standards of care at all times.

Respect – We treat everyone with dignity and sensitivity.

Value – We provide high-quality patient and family centered healthcare services efficiently and effectively to all. 

Ethics – We are honest and fair in all we say and do. 


Connect – First, make a connection.

Attitude – Attitude is everything.

Resilience – Believe in your strength.

Empathy – Walk a mile in another’s shoes.