At Valley, your heart surgery team is dedicated to addressing your symptoms and providing you with options. Our top priority is getting you back to health as safely and quickly as possible.

When you’re here you’ll receive the highest quality cardiac surgery care, right here in your own community. We specialize in aortic valve replacements, aortic and mitral valve replacement, coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) and the full range of heart surgeries. We also offer hybrid surgeries and transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).  

Each year, our cardiac surgeons perform hundreds of heart surgeries, treating coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, aortic aneurysm and more. Research has found that patients have better outcomes, including lower complication rates, at high-volume centers like Valley.

Personalized Heart Surgery

Medical advances have expanded options for heart surgery. At Valley, determining the right surgery for you starts with you.

We’ll make sure you understand your condition, including why and how it’s causing your symptoms. We’ll then discuss your surgical options, helping you weigh the risks and benefits.

Together, we will develop a surgical plan tailored to your needs.

Watch: Taking care of your heart is a team effort at Valley. Learn how our heart surgeons collaborate with an entire team of heart specialists to help get you back to health.  

Our Approach to Heart Surgery

Heart surgeons at Valley play a key role in uncovering what’s causing your symptoms. We use sophisticated cardiac imaging and dynamic testing that simulates exercise and activity. This provides a precise view of how your heart behaves and what triggers symptoms.

These tests — led by a cardiologist who specializes in cardiac imaging — provide a precise, detailed view of how your heart works. Our heart surgeons and cardiac imaging specialists work together to pinpoint the exact issue.

Conditions Treated 

Watch: Meet Oswen Chavez and learn why he traveled from Honduras to New Jersey to receive "the gift of life" from the cardiovascular surgery team at The Valley Hospital.  

Why Choose Valley for Heart Surgery? 

  • Leaders in heart surgery: Our cardiac surgeons are leaders in the field — conducting and publishing research to improve outcomes for heart surgery.
  • Coordinated care: Most heart surgery patients need a number of tests to help guide their surgical treatment plan. Our nurse navigators will work with you and your care team to schedule your tests and appointments on the same day.
  • Team-based care: When you need heart surgery, you’ll have a team of specialists in your corner at Valley. In addition to your heart surgeon, your team could include general cardiologists, electrophysiologists, structural and interventional cardiologists, and cardiac imaging specialists.    
  • After-surgery care: After heart surgery, our team addresses any questions, concerns or setbacks immediately. Our home care team helps you with wound care and management. And you’ll have regular follow-ups and check-ins with your nurse practitioner and your surgeon.
  • Built-in surgical second opinion: There are often several surgical options for your condition. For complex cases, your heart surgeon will consult with providers at Cleveland Clinic's Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute. This offers you a second opinion from a nationally ranked heart program without leaving New Jersey.