The Snyder Center’s commitment to atrial fibrillation (AFib) goes beyond the dedicated care we provide you. Our electrophysiologists (heart rhythm specialists) also lead research to improve AFib diagnosis and treatment.

Watch: Electrophysiologist Dan Musat, MD, explains how our doctors are also researchers leading clinical trials. Our goal is to offer you the most effective AFib treatments — and improve AFib care around the world.

The Valley Approach to AFib Research

Clinical trials test promising new treatments like medicines, procedures and devices. At the Snyder Center, studies focused on AFib help us provide the most effective treatments for you.

We also conduct research to compare our outcomes against other leading AFib centers. So, you can be sure you’ll receive the highest quality care for AFib at Valley.

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Using Research to Improve AFib Care

New treatments have transformed AFib care in recent years. Our team has led many of these advances:

  • Our research helped change the standards of care for ablation, so you can get treated sooner and avoid AFib complications.
  • We were first in the tristate area to test a new type of ablation that doesn’t use heat or cold to treat AFib.
  • We have studied the best techniques to use with pacemakers to keep your AFib under control.
  • We tested devices like Watchman and Amulet to reduce the risk for stroke, which is higher with AFib.

More knowledge gained from trials underway at the Snyder Center could lead to even better AFib treatments in the future.

The Benefits of Clinical Trials

If you have AFib, joining a clinical trial at the Snyder Center offers many benefits:

  • You can receive promising AFib treatments before they become widely available.
  • You can learn more about breakthroughs in AFib and what’s next for AFib care.
  • You can be satisfied knowing you are improving AFib care for others.

If you participate in a study, we will safeguard your privacy. Our dedicated advanced practice nurse and research coordinators will guide you through the process and make it easy for you.

Talk to Your Doctor About Clinical Trials

If you have AFib and want to join a clinical trial, your electrophysiologist will let you know if you qualify. Please call us at 1-800-VALLEY1 to learn more.

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