Recent Publications

We are pleased to present recent publications from our doctors at the Valley Heart and Vascular Institute.


tayal and rahimCurrent Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine

Large-bore access and closure: Optimizing vascular access and management of complications

Rahim, H., Rahim, M. & Tayal, R. (2023)

jabagi and grauReviews in Cardiovascular Medicine

Implications of bicuspid aortic valve disease and aortic stenosis/insufficiency as risk factors for thoracic aortic aneurysm

Jabagi, H., Levine, D., Gharibeh, L., Camillo, C., Castillero, E., Ferrari, G., Takayama, H., Grau, J.B. (2023)

guptaInternational Journal of Cardiology

Coronary artery disease is associated with impaired atrial function regardless of left ventricular filling pressure

Sharifov, O.F., Denney, T.S., Jr, Girard, A.A., Gupta, H., & Lloyd, S.G. (2023)

francis kimCirculation: Cardiovascular Interventions

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement and impact of subclinical leaflet thrombosis in low-risk patients: LRT trial 4-year outcomes

"Waksman, R., Bhogal, S., Gordon, P., Ehsan, A., Wilson, S.R., Levitt, R., Parikh, P., Bilfinger, T., Hanna, N., Buchbinder, M., Asch, F.M., Kim, F.Y., Weissman, G., Ben-Dor, I., Shults, C.C., Ali, S., Sutton, J.A., Shea, C., Zhang, C., Garcia-Garcia, H.M., … Rogers, T. (2023)

heart rhythmHeart Rhythm

2023 HRS/EHRA/APHRS/LAHRS expert consensus statement on practical management of the remote device clinic

Ferrick, A.M., Raj, S.R., Deneke, T., Kojodjojo, P., Lopez-Cabanillas, N., Abe, H., Boveda, S., Chew, D.S., Choi, J.I., Dagres, N., Dalal, A.S., Dechert, B.E., Frazier-Mills, C.G., Gilbert, O., Han, J.K., Hewit, S., Kneeland, C., Mirza, S.D., Mittal, S.,…Varma, N. (2023)

cardio thoracic surgeryEuropean Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy deserve heart teams, and those heart teams need surgeons

Grau, J.B., & Fortier, J.H. (2023).

trends in cardiovascular medicineTrends in Cardiovascular Medicine

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation versus surgical aortic valve replacement in chronic kidney disease: Meta-analysis of reconstructed time-to-event data

Jacquemyn, X., Van den Eynde, J., Iwens, Q., Billiau, J., Jabagi, H., Serna-Gallegos, D., Chu, D., Sultan, I., & Sá, M.P. (2023).

circulationCirculation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology

Randomized trial of stand-alone use of the antimicrobial envelope in high-risk cardiac device patients

Ellis, C.R., Greenspon, A.J., Andriulli, J.A., Gould, P.A., Carillo, R., Kolek, M.J., Donegan, R., Amaral, A.P., & Mittal, S. (2023).

heart rhythmHeart Rhythm

Early mortality after inpatient versus outpatient catheter ablation in patients with atrial fibrillation

Obeid, M. J., Zhou, J., Sale, A. J., Longacre, C., Zeitler, E. P., Andrade, J., Mittal, S., & Piccini, J. P. (2023).

advancesCirculation: Arrhythmia and electrophysiology

Advances in cardiac electrophysiology

Piccini, J. P., Russo, A. M., Sharma, P. S., Kron, J., Tzou, W., Sauer, W., Park, D. S., Birgersdotter-Green, U., Frankel, D. S., Healey, J. S., Hummel, J., Koruth, J., Linz, D., Mittal, S., Nair, D. G., Nattel, S., Noseworthy, P. A., Steinberg, B. A., Trayanova, N. A., Wan, E. Y., … Wang, P. J. (2022).

Clinical impact of standardized TAVR technique and care pathway.JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions

Clinical impact of standardized TAVR technique and care pathway

Grubb, K. J., Gada, H., Mittal, S., Nazif, T., Rodés-Cabau, J., Fraser, D. G. W., Lin, L., Rovin, J. D., Khalil, R., Sultan, I., Gardner, B., Lorenz, D., Chetcuti, S. J., Patel, N. C., Harvey, J. E., Mahoney, P., Schwartz, B., Jafar, Z., Wang, J., … Yakubov, S. J. (2023).

Decreased serotonin transporter activity in the mitral valve contributes to progression of degenerative mitral regurgitationScience Translational Medicine

Decreased serotonin transporter activity in the mitral valve contributes to progression of degenerative mitral regurgitation

Castillero, E., Fitzpatrick, E., Keeney, S. J., D'Angelo, A. M., Pressly, B. B., Simpson, M. T., Kurade, M., Erwin, W. C., Moreno, V., Camillo, C., Shukla, H. J., Inamdar, V. V., Aghali, A., Grau, J. B., Salvati, E., Nissim, I., Rauova, L., Oyama, M. A., Stachelek, S. J., … Ferrari, G. (2023, January). 


jceJournal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology

Same-day discharge following catheter ablation and venous closure with VASCADE MVP: A postmarket registry

Eldadah, Z. A., Al-Ahmad, A., Bunch, T. J., Delurgio, D. B., Doshi, R. N., Hook, B. G., Hranitzky, P. M., Joyner, C. A., Mittal, S., Porterfield, C., Sanchez, J. E., Thambidorai, S. K., Wazni, O. M., & McElderry, H. T. (2022).

jaccJournal of the American College of Cardiology

Coronary artery bypass surgery without saphenous vein grafting: JACC review topic of the week

Royse, A., Ren, J., Royse, C., Tian, D. H., Fremes, S., Gaudino, M., Benedetto, U., Woo, Y. J., Goldstone, A. B., Davierwala, P., Borger, M., Vallely, M., Reid, C. M., Rocha, R., Glineur, D., Grau, J.B., Shaw, R., Paterson, H., El-Ansary, D., … Bellomo, R. (2022, November).

jacdJournal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease 9(10)

Comparison of suture-based and collagen-based vascular closure devices for large bore arteriotomies- a meta-analysis of bleeding and vascular outcomes

Sohal, S., Mathai, S. V., Nagraj, S., Kurpad, K., Suthar, K., Mehta, H., Kaur, K., Wasty, N., Waxman, S., Cohen, M., Visveswaran, G. K., & Tayal, R. (2022, September). 


Clinical expert consensus document on the use of percutaneous left ventricular assist devices during complex high-risk PCI in India using a standardized algorithm

Tayal, R., Kalra, S., Seth, A., Chandra, P., Sohal, S., Punamiya, K., Rao, R., Rastogi, V., Kapardhi, P. L. N., Sharma, S., Kumar, P., Arneja, J., Mathew, R., Kumar, D., Mahesh, N. K., & Trehan, V. (2022). 

jicJournal of Interventional Cardiology

Declining trend of transapical access for transcatheter aortic valve replacement in patients with aortic stenosis

Sohal, S., Mehta, H., Kurpad, K., Mathai, S. V., Tayal, R., Visveswaran, G. K., Wasty, N., Waxman, S., & Cohen, M. (2022, September). 

7European Heart Journal, ehac496

Device-related complications in the subcutaneous and transvenous ICD: A secondary analysis of the PRAETORIAN trial

Knops, R. E., Pepplinkhuizen, S., Delnoy, P. P. H. M., Boersma, L. V. A., Kuschyk, J., El-Chami, M. F., Bonnemeier, H., Behr, E. R., Brouwer, T. F., Kaab, S., Mittal, S., Quast, A. B. E., van der Stuijt, W., Smeding, L., de Veld, J. A., Tijssen, J. G. P., Bijsterveld, N. R., Richter, S., Brouwer, M. A., … Olde Nordkamp, L. R. A. (2022, August). 

cjcCJC Open

Extended myectomy for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: Early outcomes from a nascent center of excellence in canada

Crean, A. M., Gharibeh, L., Saleem, Z., Glineur, D., Maharaj, G., & Grau, J. B. (2022, August). 

ahjAmerican Heart Journal

Dual antiplatelet therapy duration after percutaneous coronary intervention using drug eluting stents in high bleeding risk patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Garg, A., Rout, A., Farhan, S., Waxman, S., Giustino, G., Tayal, R., Abbott, J. D., Huber, K., Angiolillo, D. J., & Rao, S. V. (2022, April). 

heart rhythmHeart Rhythm O2

Risk factors for hematoma in patients undergoing cardiac device procedures: A WRAP-IT trial analysis

Tarakji, K. G., Korantzopoulos, P., Philippon, F., Biffi, M., Mittal, S., Poole, J. E., Kennergren, C., Lexcen, D. R., Lande, J. D., Hilleren, G., Seshadri, S., & Wilkoff, B. L. (2022). 

jscaiJSCAI Standards and Guidelines

SCAI position statement on best practices for percutaneous axillary arterial access and training.

Seto, A.H., Estep, J.D., Tayal, R., Tsai, S., Messenger, J.C., Alraies, M.C., Schneider, D.B., Klein, A.J., Duwayri, Y., McCabe, J.M., Baron, S.J., Vadlamudi, V., Smith, T.D., & Baran, D.A. (2022, April).


JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology

Population-Level Impact of the Guidelines Update on Patient Selection and Outcomes After Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Allaw, A. B., Mittal, S., Merchant, F. M., Besser, S. A., Beaser, A. D., Aziz, Z., Ozcan, C., Nayak, H. M., Tung, R., & Upadhyay, G. A. (2022).

cciCatheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions

Early and late outcomes of surgical aortic valve replacement with sutureless and rapid-deployment valves versus transcatheter aortic valve implantation: Meta-analysis with reconstructed time-to-event data of matched studies

Sá, M. P., Jabagi, H., Dokollari, A., Awad, A. K., Van den Eynde, J., Malin, J. H., Sicouri, S., Torregrossa, G., Ruhparwar, A., Weymann, A., & Ramlawi, B. (2022). 

pmPhysiological Measurement

Diastolic function: Modeling left ventricular untwisting as a damped harmonic oscillator

Gamble, F. N., Aufan, M. R., Sharifov, O. F., Williams, L. J., Reighard, S., Calhoun, D. A., Gupta, H., Dell'Italia, L. J., Denney, T. S., Jr, & Lloyd, S. G. (2022). 

escESC Heart Failure

A standardized definition for right ventricular failure in cardiac surgery patients

Jabagi, H., Nantsios, A., Ruel, M., Mielniczuk, L. M., Denault, A. Y., & Sun, L. Y. (2022). 


Efficacy and safety of appropriate shocks and antitachycardia pacing in transvenous and subcutaneous implantable defibrillators: Analysis of all appropriate therapy in the PRAETORIAN trial

Knops, R. E., van der Stuijt, W., Delnoy, P. P. H. M., Boersma, L. V. A., Kuschyk, J., El-Chami, M. F., Bonnemeier, H., Behr, E. R., Brouwer, T. F., Kääb, S., Mittal, S., Quast, A. B. E., Smeding, L., Tijssen, J. G. P., Bijsterveld, N. R., Richter, S., Brouwer, M. A., de Groot, J. R., Kooiman, K. M., … PRAETORIAN Investigators (2022).