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The Valley Hospital Fertility Center:
One of the Best Overall Embryo Implantation Rates in New Jersey

Based on 2008 data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Valley Hospital Fertility Center has one of the best overall embryo implantation rates in New Jersey.

"Essentially, this means that a single embryo implanted at our Fertility Center during in vitro fertilization has an exceptionally high chance of resulting in a pregnancy," explains Ali Nasseri, M.D., Ph.D., medical director of The Valley Hospital Fertility Center. "We are dedicated to offering personalized, compassionate services for singles and couples seeking to conceive."

The CDC data examined rates across four age categories of women undergoing in vitro fertilization. Although some other New Jersey fertility centers may have fared slightly better in one age category or another, The Valley Hospital Fertility Center had the highest overall rates for the total age span evaluated (under age 35 to age 42). These 2008 results were similar to Valley''s 2007 rates.

"These success rates testify to the expertise and experience of our three board-certified reproductive endocrinologists/fertility specialists and to the research and dedication of our entire fertility services team," says Dr. Nasseri.

The Valley Hospital Fertility Center Team
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