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The address for The Valley Hospital Emergency Department is 4 Valley Health Plaza, Paramus. If you are using a ride-sharing app, please ask your driver to take you to this address. Some ride-sharing apps have not yet updated their systems and are showing the former address. Valley is working to resolve the issue with these ride-sharing companies. 

Explore stories of strength and inspiration from Valley’s Fertility Center patients.

lisa flaherty

Fertility Options After a Cancer Diagnosis

At the age of 25, Lisa Flaherty did not think she would have to start thinking about her fertility, but when she received a cancer diagnosis, that changed, and Lisa turned to The Valley Hospital Fertility Center to discuss her options.

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Patrice & Yolanda - Patient Story

Worth Every Effort

When Patrice and Yolanda started thinking about their road to family, they came across The Valley Hospital Fertility Center. After a six-year fertility journey, they welcomed their daughter, Judah, into the world.

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