Your reproductive endocrinologist may have told you that you will need the services of a gestational surrogate or a gestational carrier to carry your baby. 

Our team will help you navigate this process every step of the way. 

Gestational Surrogacy Process at Valley

The Valley Fertility Center works with agencies and attorneys to assist you in finding that special woman to become your carrier. 

Thorough Screening

  • We thoroughly screen your gestational carrier for all infectious diseases.
  • We will also coordinate a psychological evaluation for your gestational surrogate.
  • We conduct these screenings before we give you the green light to proceed.

Beginning Your Cycle

  • Once your gestational carrier has been approved medically, you will need to complete your legal contracts.
  • Without exception, you will need to deliver the executed legal contract to us before you, or your gestational carrier, can start your cycle.
  • You will also meet with one of billing coordinators to discuss all the costs involved with your cycle.
  • We understand that every cycle is different, therefore, your financial plan will be designed especially for you. Note: all out-of-pocket costs are due before the start of your treatment cycle.

Why Choose Valley for Gestational Surrogacy?

  • Dedicated third-party coordinator: You will have a dedicated personal third-party coordinator to walk you through the whole treatment process. Your coordinator will help you with any questions that arise and make sure you have the emotional support you need throughout the process.
  • Experience navigating third-party reproductive agencies: We help you contact agencies, look at profiles and candidates’ background information (including previous pregnancies).
  • Thorough third-party screening process: Our physicians and psychologist review your preferred surrogate or carrier through a comprehensive screening that includes both mental and physical assessment.