We understand that by the time you come to us for a fertility assessment, you’ve likely already gone through a long emotional journey. 

That’s why we start our diagnostic process by learning about you. 

The Valley Approach to Fertility Assessment 

We approach fertility assessment comprehensively, by looking at the full picture of your physical and mental health. During the initial consultation:

  • You and your partner (if applicable) will first meet with a reproductive endocrinology physician to create a medical plan. This assessment includes a thorough medical history, physical exam, genetic questionnaire and discussion of your emotional and psychological needs.
  • Next, a nurse will review your next steps, answer questions and offer further explanation or guidance.
  • Lastly, our financial counselors will review the financial considerations associated with your treatment plan and/or testing. They are also available to review your health insurance benefits specific to your diagnosis and treatment.

Fertility Assessment at Valley

Your physician will prescribe infertility tests for women and infertility tests for men as part of your diagnostic evaluation.

In addition, your team will order the following tests: 

  • Infectious disease tests (for both partners)
  • Blood type and Rh (for women)
  • Thyroid, AMH and hormonal levels for women
  • German measles (rubella) and chickenpox (varicella) immunity (for women)
  • Genetic testing, based on your answers to the genetic questionnaire (one or both partners)

You will be notified of any abnormal results and receive instructions based on test results.

Women will also need:

  • Updated Pap test
  • Mammogram, if 40 years or older
  • Note: If these tests were done within the last 12 months by another physician, you may have the results forwarded to our office.

Conditions Treated

  • Infertility
  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease)
  • Endometriosis

Why Choose Valley for Fertility Assessment?

  • Individualized plans: At the end of your fertility assessment, we work with you to create an individualized plan that will be the best option for you. We base this plan on your results and your medical and emotional needs. Our goal is to help you meet your goals — your way.
  • Communication with the fertility team: We pride ourselves on providing you with ongoing communication: We return phone calls and call with test results promptly. A reproductive endocrinologist performs all of your diagnostic procedures and inseminations and is part of your regular monitoring. With this close contact with nurses and physicians, you can have all your questions answered throughout the process.
  • Highest standards: Our hospital-based center has reviewed and improved key factors that can affect the quality and safety of your care. Our accreditation with The Joint Commission — a national accrediting organization and the "gold standard" in healthcare — means our center complies with the highest national standards for safety and quality. We are committed to continually improving patient care.
  • ASRM Center of Excellence: Valley Fertility Center is an American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Nursing Center of Excellence. That means our nurses are certified by the organization that sets the standard for reproductive medicine. And it means that they are knowledgeable about all aspects of reproductive care — to better assist you throughout your infertility treatment. 
  • Inclusive services: We welcome all individuals and couples interested in creating a family. We are also LGBTQ-friendly providers