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The eIVF Patient Portal



eIVF is an easy-to-use online system for managing the care you will be receiving from The Valley Hospital Fertility Center.

All patients must set up an account in the system. The instructions are below. It is very important that you read all instructions carefully, and complete all the online forms prior to your first visit. Failure to do so could result in the need to reschedule your appointment.

Step one is to receive a User ID and Password from us. Once you have that information, please click here to access the portal. You may wish to print the information below and refer to it as you proceed along. The process only takes a couple of minutes.

If you have any questions during the process, please call the Fertility Center at 201-634-5400. Please do not send any messages through the e-IVF portal.

Setting Up Your Account at eIVF

  1. Click here to access the portal.
  2. Enter the User ID and Password you were given, then select LOGIN.
  3. Once you have successfully logged in, a Terms of Use Agreement will appear. Read through this and chose either Agree or Disagree. If you do not agree, then you will not be able to use this portal.
  4. After you have agreed, the next page is Notice of Privacy Practices Agreement. Read through this and chose either Agree or Disagree. If you do not agree, then you will not be able to use this portal.
  5. Click on the basic demographics page. Please review the information. If necessary, you can make changes and then click “UPDATE” at the bottom of the page or if all information is correct click “PROCEED.” (The changes will not reflect immediately.)
  6. Click on “Instructions” on the left side and click “Welcome Kit” to view all the pertinent information for your initial consultation with our Center.
  7. Click on “YOUR HISTORY FORM IS INCOMPLETE.” Then click on “PATIENT EVALUATION” and complete all the questions regarding your medical history contained therein. (Click “next” at the end of each page to move forward.)
  8. Once you have completed and closed your History Form click on “Log Off.”

Please call the Fertility Center at 201-634-5400 if you have any questions.

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