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Infertility Testing: Male


Lab Testing

The male partner will have infectious disease lab work done and may be the partner chosen for the genetic screening. Based on medical history the physician may prescribe additional blood work for the male.

Semen Analysis

The semen analysis is performed to assess possible male factors that cause infertility. A semen analysis will be scheduled and performed at our laboratory to ensure the accuracy and consistency of results. Semen analysis samples may be brought to our office from home or produced at the office in a private room designed for this purpose. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. We request scheduling at least 24 hours in advance. If it is the male partner’s first visit to the Fertility Center we request that he bring a copy of his insurance card and a form of photo ID.

Please consider the following collection instructions prior to scheduling the semen analysis appointment:

1. Refrain from ejaculating a minimum of 2 days, but no more than 5 days prior to the day of semen analysis.

2. Shower with antibacterial soap before collection.

3. The sample must be collected in a sterile container provided by our Center.

4. Complete a "Specimen Collection Form" and the provided specimen label in their entirety. We cannot accept the specimen until all the information is provided.

5. It is important to collect the entire ejaculate in the specimen container. If any of the ejaculate is missed the analysis may be inaccurate.

6. Special mineral oil, available in the provided collection kit is the only lubricant that should be used for sperm collection (other lubricants, including soap, hand lotion or saliva can compromise the quality of the sample).

7. If the specimen is collected at home it must arrive at the office within 60 minutes of production. Please protect it from extreme heat or cold during transport. We recommend carrying the container in an inside pocket next to the body.

8. Semen analysis results will be available within a day or two. A nurse or physician will call to review the results.

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