Find Clinical Trials and Research Here!

Tomorrow’s advances in medicine come from today’s research – and world-class research is being conducted every day at Valley Health System. 

Here, researchers team up with patients and physicians to explore innovative appxroaches to care, new medical therapies and breakthroughs in the treatment of many conditions.

The Valley Approach to Research & Clinical Trials

The importance of clinical trials cannot be overstated. Research has been essential to improved outcomes for today's patients. In fact, for some patients, access to clinical trials offers the greatest potential for a dramatic improvement in their clinical outcomes. 

Valley is committed to responsible research, which includes ensuring that all research initiatives and clinical trials meet rigorous regulatory standards, as well as keeping patients informed on the risks and benefits of participating. 

Research at Valley Health System includes:

What Research is Being Done at Valley?

Valley conducts research in the following clinical areas:

A Dedicated Home for Research  

The Okonite Research Center serves as Valley’s home for research and clinical trials. This state-of-the-art center, located at the Bolger Medical Arts Building in Paramus, provides a centralized, dedicated space for our teams to conduct leading-edge research in the areas of heart care, cancer care and neurology. 

Research and clinical trials are also conducted at The Valley Hospital in Paramus and The Robert and Audrey Luckow Pavilion in Paramus, for these and other treatment areas.