Family Wellness at The Valley Hospital offers a broad range of services to women, families and children. The Center for Childbirth, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Women's Health, and Pediatrics provide a full spectrum of care by a team of professionals and volunteers to meet the specialized needs of patients. Case managers and social workers are part of an interdisciplinary team to provide education, resources and emotional support. Valley Home Care also offers a full range of family wellness services through their Maternal and Child Health Program



Financial Assistance Programs

In-Home Care

Maternity Homes/Pregnant Teens

Mental Health/Substance Abuse

Family Education/Support

Valley's Center for Family Education
Breastfeeding 24 Hour Helpline – 201-447-8722
Breastfeeding Support Group – 201-291-6151
Children's Aid & Family Services Baby Basics/Parenting Skills Program
Lactation Resources
NJ Parent Link 

Postpartum Depression

Reproductive Health Care

Infants, Children & Adolescents


Bereavement Services

Birth Certificates

Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate

Community-Based Resources

Developmental Disabilities


Down Syndrome

Durable Medical Equipment/Learning Tools

Emotional Support for Children  

Financial Assistance Programs

General Medical Information

In-Home Care

Mental Health/Substance Abuse



Rehabilitation/Residential Care Facilities

Sleep Disorders