Helping Children Meet Their Maximum Potential

Every child deserves to live a quality life, filled with joy, goals and achievements. At the Kireker Center for Child Development, we help children with special needs reach their maximum potential. We evaluate, diagnose and treat all types of developmental delays, focusing on the individual needs of each child.

The Valley Approach to Child Development

When your child needs care, you want to know they’re getting it from experts who are as committed to meeting your child’s needs as you are. That’s exactly the kind of pediatric care you can expect from the Kireker Center for Child Development. 

Kireker Center Services

Why Choose the Kireker Center for Child Development?

  • Specialists in pediatric development – Our staff, under the leadership of our clinical director, includes board-certified developmental pediatricians; a board-certified pediatric physiatrist; a wide range of board-certified pediatric subspecialists; rehabilitation therapists; a pediatric psychologist; social workers; and other healthcare professionals.
  • Coordination of care – Our staff makes coordinating care with your child’s personal physician and school professionals (if appropriate) a priority – so you can be assured that everyone is working together, in the best interest of your child.