Coping with infertility can be challenging for most people. Many people find that their struggle to have a child is less painful when they have a regular outlet for their feelings plus access to new coping strategies.

To help, The Valley Hospital Fertility Center offers emotional support with psychological counseling services. 

Psychological Counseling During Fertility Treatment 

Often patients hesitate to talk to a counselor because they believe they “should be able to handle it” on their own. Or they believe talking about it would be uncomfortable. 

However, time and time again, patients who use psychological services say their struggle to have a child is much less painful. Having a regular outlet for your feelings and learning new coping strategies from a therapist who specializes in infertility issues can be particularly helpful.

Reasons to see an infertility counselor include:

  • Sadness, anger or guilt that does not lift
  • Strain on relationships with friends and family
  • Concern about the potential relationship between stress and infertility
  • Indecisiveness about a treatment plan
  • Inability to enjoy anything or think of anything besides having a baby
  • Desire for additional support
  • Receipt of bad news, such as poor test results or pregnancy loss
  • Consideration of treatment with donor egg or donor sperm

Our psychological services include:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Consultations regarding donor sperm, donor egg, donor embryo and surrogacy