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Clinical Trials and Research


Valley conducts clinical research in stroke prevention and treatment. More than 35 national and international trials for the treatment of acute stroke have been conducted.

Clinical Trials and ResearchResearch has focused on:

  • the testing of many neuroprotectants that can be given within hours of the onset of stroke symptoms;
  • factor 7, a component of the blood used in clotting, to see if it can reduce the growth of clots in patients suffering intracerebral hemorrhage;
  • medications to prevent future strokes in patients who have already had one;
  • thrombolytics;
  • thrombin inhibitors;
  • a study of transcranial laser therapy (sponsored by PhotoThera, Inc.) which delivers light energy through the scalp.

Valley has participated in world-renowned trials such as the "Stroke Treatment with Ancrod Trial (S*T*A*T*)" with Knoll Pharmaceutical Company. Ancrod, also known by the brand name Viprinex, is derived from the venom of the Malayan pit viper.

Our Stroke Medical Director, Kenneth Levin, M.D., has personally been involved with more than 100 research studies, serving as Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, or Sub-Investigator on all of them.

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