Critical care, or intensive care, is a specialized type of care for patients with conditions that are life-threatening or complicated and require constant, intensive monitoring.

Critical care units at The Valley Hospital include:

The Valley Approach to Critical Care

Working together to provide exceptional care. Critical care services are provided by an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, both clinical and non-clinical, all of whom work in the best interests of the patient and their family members.  

A patient- and family-centered focus. Having a loved one in a critical care unit can be challenging for patients and families alike. We’re committed to providing the very best clinical care in a respectful and compassionate manner. We strive to meet family members’ needs, too, and partner with you to provide the best patient and family experience possible.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Intensive Care Unit: 201-447-8321
  • Coronary Care Unit: 201-447-8320
  • Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit: 201-447-8027
  • Intermediate Care Unit: 201-447-8027