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Neuroscience Center of Excellence


The Valley Hospital’s Neuroscience Center of Excellence has added a significant advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of stroke, brain aneurysms, brain and neck tumors, and other neurological conditions with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art neurointerventional biplane angiography system. The biplane system produces highly detailed three-dimensional views of blood vessels leading to the brain and deep within the brain and their relationship to the tissues of the head and neck. Click here for more information.

Under the umbrella of a Neuroscience Center of Excellence, The Valley Hospital has brought together a comprehensive array of neurological and neurosurgical services, practiced by renowned experts in the field, to serve the communities of northern New Jersey and southern New York. The services of the Center include:

The Stroke Center

Valley's Stroke Center is the first in the tri-state area and 16th in the U.S. to be designated a Primary Stroke Center by The Joint Commission, the nation's leading organization for the accreditation of hospitals and health care organizations. The New Jersey Department of Health also designated Valley Hospital a Comprehensive Stroke Center because of its ability to treat complex strokes and offer interventions such as the MERCI/Penumbra device that retrieves blood clots from the brain and hence, extends the treatment window for stroke up to 8 hours.

The Spine Center

The Center provides comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, and management services for all types of acute and chronic back and neck pain. Treatments are provided by a multidisciplinary team of spine specialists and may include the following non-surgical or surgical options: medications that relieve or stop pain; non-invasive or minimally invasive pain management treatments including medication, epidural injections, and percutaneous disc decompression; spine fitness; physical therapy; occupational therapy; acupuncture; biofeedback; innovative spinal surgery, including minimally invasive procedures that are easier for patients and offer a quicker recovery with less pain and complications; interventional pain management techniques, such as implantable pumps that dispense medication or stimulate the spinal cord to relieve back spasms; interventional radiologic procedures, such as vertebroplasty to repair spinal compression fractures. Please click here for more information on the Spine Center.

Clinical Research

Valley conducts clinical research in stroke prevention and treatment. Past trials have tested neuroprotectants that can be given within six hours of the onset of stroke symptoms; factor 7, a component of the blood used in clotting, to see if it can reduce the growth of clots in patients suffering intracerebral hemorrhage; and medications to prevent future strokes in patients who have already had one. Valley has conducted more than 35 national and international trials for the treatment of acute stroke.

Neurophysiology Center

Valley offers adult and pediatric inpatient epilepsy monitoring units to assess patients with seizure disorders.

Parkinson's Disease

Valley offers advanced diagnostic and treatment options for patients who have Parkinson's disease, including deep brain stimulation.

Alzheimer's disease

The diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia are provided.

Multiple Sclerosis

The Neuroscience Center provides diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis, a disease that affects the brain and causes numerous debilitating conditions, including difficulty walking, incontinence, and chronic pain.

Institute for Brain and Spine Radiosurgery

The Valley Hospital's Blumenthal Cancer Center has established The Institute for Brain and Spine Radiosurgery for patients with malignant and benign conditions of the brain and spinal cord. The Institute is currently using the Novalis Brain Lab radiosurgery system to treat brain metastases and TomoTherapy HiArt system to treat spine lesions. Malignant and benign diseases of the brain are treated at our Gamma Knife Center.

Our team includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, neuro-radiologists, a neuro-psychologist, and a highly skilled nursing team.

Neurovascular Diseases

Neuro-endovascular surgery and neuro-interventional procedures are conducted to treat complex neurovascular diseases.

Movement Disorders

Medical and surgical treatments, including deep brain stimulation, are provided for movement disorders.

Sleep Disorders

Diagnosis and treatment for a variety of sleep disorders is provided at The Center for Sleep Medicine.

For More Information . . .

. . . on any of the services listed here, please call 201-447-8647. To find a neurologist on the Valley staff, please click here to visit our Find a Physician directory.

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