The Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgical System

Joint replacement surgeries at The Valley Hospital are performed using the Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgical System. This innovative technology helps orthopedic surgeons plan and perform your joint replacement with more precision, so you experience better results. 

How Does Mako Robotic Surgery Work? 

The Mako system includes:

  • A planning system that creates a 3D model of your joint, which helps the surgeon decide on the best size, placement and positioning of the implant.
  • A robotic arm, controlled by the surgeon, that removes bone and cartilage from the joint and places the implant, all within the guidelines set by the 3D planning system.

What Procedures can be Done with Mako?

Orthopedic surgeons use Mako robotic technology for:

  • Partial knee replacements
  • Total knee replacements
  • Total hip replacements

Why Choose Valley for Mako Robotic Surgery? 

First in Bergen County – Valley was the first hospital in Bergen County to acquire the Mako technology and has performed hundreds of Mako procedures.  

A personalized surgical experience – Using the CT-based 3D modeling of a patient’s bone anatomy, orthopedic surgeons can create a highly personalized surgical plan. The implant’s size, orientation and alignment are all tailored to the patient’s unique diagnosis and physiology.

Less pain, faster recovery – The Mako system’s robotic arm, combined with the patient’s customized surgical plan, enables surgeons to place and align the joint implant with more accuracy. The technology also allows surgeons to validate and modify the plan during surgery, if necessary. All of this results in less pain after surgery and a faster recovery period. 

How Can I Learn More?

Our orthopedic nurse navigator can tell you more about Mako and joint replacement at Valley. Contact Amanda Kelly, RN, BSN, at 201-251-3317, or use our contact form.