At the Kireker Center for Child Development, our licensed, certified social workers support, advocate for, and provide referrals to community resources for our patients and their families. They assist our developmental pediatricians in conducting phone intake assessments of new patients; guide them to the appropriate evaluations; and help parents navigate their way through insurance/financial issues. 

Working with the child development team of physicians, nurses, therapists and other professionals, our social workers are integral members of the Kireker Center team. 

Our Services

Our licensed social workers provide full-time social work support at the Kireker Center for Child Development. They guide patients and their families through a network of services here, in schools and in the community, offering:

  • Parent support and counseling
  • Initial intake assessments
  • Help troubleshooting issues
  • Advocacy for patients and their parents
  • Financial guidance
  • Crisis management
  • Referrals to community programs and resources

Support Group

Our social workers also facilitate a monthly support group for parents focusing on topics related to early child development, developmental disabilities, children with special needs, therapeutic intervention, genetics, and assistance with community resources. Call the Social Work Services office at 201-447-8278 to ask when a group is meeting and the topic or focus of the session. Different groups are formed based on interests and needs expressed by our families. There is no charge for our support groups.

Before Your Child's Appointment

Preparing Your Child

We have different levels of explanation that you can use to prepare your child, depending on their age and ability to understand. For a very young child, you might tell him that you are going to visit someone where he will play with a lot of toys. For an older child, you might tell her that she is going to talk with someone who is going to help her figure out why she is having a hard time around a particular issue she has discussed with you. We recommend that you provide an explanation that is short and simple.

Insurance Coverage

Although our physicians are out of network, we can review with you the questions you should ask your insurance company to determine what it will or will not pay. We will also submit the insurance forms to your company for you. However, you will be responsible for what your insurance company does not reimburse.