Adoptive parents need a wealth of information to help them address the important decisions that adoption brings. The professionals at Valley’s Adoption Screening and Evaluation Program work closely with adoptive parents to educate them about the potential medical and developmental issues that a particular child may have, as well as provide the appropriate evaluations and services a child may need.

Under the direction of our board-certified developmental pediatrician with expertise in adoption medicine, the Adoption Screening and Evaluation Program provides pre- and post-adoption consultations for both domestic and international adoptions.

Adoption Services

Pre-Adoption Consultations

Pre-adoption consultations are provided to review information prospective adoptive parents may have about a child. Typically, the information includes medical history, photographs and/or videos provided by the adoption agency. Upon review of this information, the Valley team will be able to discuss the medical and developmental issues that may affect a child.

In cases where prospective parents are required to travel abroad without prior information, an educational session can be arranged to review the range of issues that may affect a child (e.g., the impact of orphanage living) and information that should be requested once a child has been referred. When adoptive parents travel to meet a child, our team is available to review specific information about the child by phone and e-mail.

Post-Adoption Consultations

Post-adoption consultations are usually done within a few weeks of a child's arrival into their family. During this consultation, we will review a child's history, initiate appropriate medical evaluations, identify developmental difficulties, and refer a child for appropriate interventions. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as needed.

Consultations are also available for children who have been with their families for longer periods of time in order to review medical issues, and to evaluate developmental, behavioral and educational concerns.

Specialist Referrals

Other program components include case management and referrals to appropriate specialty therapists including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech/language therapy. These services and others, such as audiology (including central auditory processing evaluations) and social work support, are available at our center. Referrals to other pediatric medical subspecialists are coordinated as needed.