A More Comfortable Mammogram

Valley is now offering the SmartCurve breast stabilization system, which is clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram without compromising image quality or dose.

Online mammogram scheduling is available for our Ridgewood and Mahwah locations. A prescription is required.

For assistance in obtaining a prescription, please call 1-800-VALLEY 1 (1-800-825-5391).

Schedule Now

Scheduling a Mammogram

You or your physician’s office may call Valley’s Breast Imaging Center at 201-447-8200 to set up a mammogram appointment.

Note: You can consider scheduling your mammogram seven to 10 days after the beginning of your period. Your breasts will be less tender, and you will be more comfortable.

Scheduling a Biopsy

If a physician has told you that you need a biopsy, please review the following information.

  • Please bring the following to our Valley radiologist for review (if coming from another institution):
    • All mammography films, ultrasounds, breast MRIs, reports, etc. Note: All previous images must be brought in DICOM format on disc.
    • Your contact information
    • Prescription ordering a needle biopsy
  • You will get a call directly from Valley’s Breast Imaging Center or Radiology Associates of Ridgewood to set up your appointment and to give you specific instructions.
  • If you do not get a call from the Breast Center within one week, please call 201-447-8200 (select prompt #1) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Insurance Pre-Authorization for a Biopsy

  • Please check with your insurance company to see if you need pre-authorization.
  • If you need assistance with insurance, please call your doctor’s office prior to your procedure.

Obtaining Results of Your Biopsy

  • Call your doctor’s office three to four days after your procedure to discuss the biopsy results.