Options for fighting breast cancer have never been better, but they’re only as good as the team you trust to deliver them. 

Valley’s multi-disciplinary team of dedicated physicians work with each other – and with you – to form an individualized approach to care. Our options are designed to help you move forward, so you can get your life back. 

One Team, One Location

The breast cancer team at Valley-Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Care works together to fight breast cancer from every angle. Our clinical team includes:

  • Breast surgeons
  • Breast medical oncologists
  • Radiation oncologists

For the convenience of our patients, and to enable our team to truly work together, all of our breast cancer team members are located at the Robert and Audrey Luckow Pavilion – the home base of our cancer center – in Paramus. 

Other specialists are consulted as needed, including cancer physicians from Mount Sinai Health System and Valley’s own endocrinologists, cardiologists, and experts from our bone health clinic. 

Because breast cancer impacts more than just a patient’s medical needs, our team also includes:

And our breast patient navigators guide you through the entire process – coordinating your care, working as a liaison between you and the breast cancer team, and offering the support you need at this challenging time.

Breast Cancer Conferences

The core breast cancer team of surgeons and oncologists meets weekly during a comprehensive Breast Cancer Conference. This provides an open forum for all team members to weigh in on each patient’s specific diagnosis at once, making sure to share their unique clinical perspective and expertise. 

Team members review all information together, including test results, medical history and staging, and discuss different options before making treatment plan recommendations, which are then shared with the patient.

The Breast Cancer Conference gives patients a complete game plan for their treatment, which can result in:

  • A better patient experience
  • Better cosmetic results
  • A faster time to treatment