Valley is happy to provide adults and students with virtual volunteer opportunities! 

In addition to providing a valuable community service – as well as a way for students to meet their requirements for service and volunteer hours as part of their program or curriculum – volunteering at Valley is a wonderful way for high school and college students to explore, or continue their pursuit of, careers in healthcare.

All virtual volunteer hours will be documented by volunteer name, and your total hours will be added to as you complete each new virtual opportunity. We're happy to provide you with documentation of total service hours, upon request.

Our goal is to keep you connected to service and learning!

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Student Volunteers 

Please continue to check this section as more opportunities are added for virtual learning and earning service hours.


Our Patient Experience team wants to hear from you about patient safety! To earn 10 volunteer hours, survey 10 participants (may include family, friends, teachers or peers) using our online survey and submit their responses as 10 individual surveys.

Link to Patient Experience Safety Survey

Watch this video to learn more about Patient Experience at Valley  

For every additional 10 surveys you submit, you will receive an additional 10 volunteer hours.

Please be sure to execute these surveys keeping in mind the value and insight this data will provide to our Patient Experience Team. As the survey administrator, please encourage the subjects to share their thoughts in detail. This information has the potential to significantly impact how we provide service. Thank you for participating!

LEARN & SERVE BINGO – College & High School Volunteers

We are still accepting Learn & Serve Bingo boards, and we will continue to do so moving forward! 

Learn more and download the college bingo board