Stroke Care Meets Artificial Intelligence

The Valley Hospital Stroke Center is using, an artificial intelligence program, to more effectively diagnose and treat stroke in patients.

What is is an FDA-cleared stroke triage system. This technology features advanced image analysis and seamless communication abilities that helps facilitate the quick and efficient diagnoses and triage of stroke in patients.

Streamlining Stroke Care

Every second counts when someone may be experiencing a stroke – saving as much time as possible is crucial for a patient’s recovery. The technology works to reduce time to treatment through advanced image analysis. This analysis can help to deliver fast and accurate triage of suspected large vessel occlusion in stroke patients.

“’s solutions are transforming the way that we deliver stroke care, and we are excited to offer this advanced technology at The Valley Hospital. We have seen faster door-to-procedure times and improved patient outcomes!”

- Dorothea Altschul, MD, Director, Neurointerventional Services

Synchronized Communication

In addition to the function of triaging stroke in patients, also creates better collaboration and communication between clinicians. The platform synchronizes care for patients across the entire team, ensuring that each patient is seeing the right doctor and receiving the proper care, at the right time.

doctor showing app