Today, the latest lung cancer tests and treatments — available at Valley — are saving the lives of countless patients with lung cancer.

A Team Approach to Lung Cancer Care

Your Lung Cancer Team

Surgical Specialists
Robert Korst, MD
Mark Shapiro, MD

Medical Oncologist
Jae R. Cho, MD
Eli Kirshner, MD

Radiation Oncologists
Chad DeYoung, MD
Thomas Kole, MD, PhD

At Valley’s Lung Cancer Center, our team’s focus is on treating your cancer in the most effective — and least invasive — ways. 

That means detecting your lung cancer early, when treatment is most effective, through lung cancer screening. It means offering you personalized, targeted therapies and minimally invasive options for diagnosis and surgery. And it means precisely targeted radiation therapy. 

Through these services, the Lung Cancer Center offers an up-to-date, comprehensive program for patients with lung cancer — and for those at risk for the disease. 

Conditions Treated

Why Choose Valley for Lung Cancer Services?

  • Surgical expertise: Our surgeons are board-certified thoracic surgeons whose primary focus is lung cancer surgery, rather than general surgeons who only occasionally perform lung surgery. Procedures include wedge resection, lobectomy, segmentectomy and pneumonectomy.
  • Dedicated Pulmonary Nodule Center that provides evaluation and management for patients who have lung nodules of uncertain significance found on an X-ray or CT scan.
  • Minimally invasive options for lung cancer diagnosis and lung cancer staging, including endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) and transbronchial biopsy. Transbronchial biopsy uses a GPS-like navigation system to reach areas of the chest that could previously only be reached through open surgery.
  • Advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques for removing lung cancer, including single-port VATS (video assisted thoracic surgery).
  • Precision radiation therapy, including stereotactic body radiosurgery for patients with lung cancer who are not candidates for lung cancer removal by surgery.
  • Personalized medicine through mutational analysis: We routinely use mutational analysis on all lung cancers that are surgically removal or biopsied at Valley. This process determines whether a specific patient’s tumor will respond to a "targeted" medication.
  • Clinical trials and research: We offer lung cancer clinical trials to provide our patients with the most leading-edge treatments available. We also have dedicated lung cancer research that focuses on developing future options for lung cancer patients.