Medical oncologists are cancer subspecialists who focus on critical aspects of treating your cancer including: chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormone therapy.

Depending on the type of cancer you have, a medical oncologist is often your primary oncologist.

The Valley Approach to Medical Oncology

The Valley-Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Care team of hematologists and medical oncologists use a team approach to cancer care to address patients’ emotional, physical and medical needs.

They work collaboratively with your other oncology physicians (including radiation oncologists and surgical oncologists), oncology-certified nurses, pharmacists, social workers, your primary care provider, and other specialists. And, equally important, they consult with each patient and family to establish an individual treatment plan.

Why Choose Valley for Medical Oncology?

  • A patient-first approach: Our goal is for each patient to have a complete and supportive experience that accounts for all their needs. Thanks to our team approach, patients receive expert healthcare that's personal, well-coordinated and comprehensive.
  • A highly skilled team: Medical oncology therapies are only as good as the team delivering them. Our accomplished, board-certified physician team has the clinical skill to deliver state-of-the-art care that's tailored to each patient's condition and needs. Patients benefit from our physicians' experience, as well as their compassion. 
  • Immunotherapy and other biological therapies: Valley offers immunotherapy for all Food and Drug Administration-approved cancers, including melanoma, lung cancer, some gastrointestinal cancers and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Valley medical oncologists have a long history of using biological therapies, which gives them a deep understanding of immunotherapy side effects (and how to minimize them), and which patients would benefit the most from these therapies.
  • Mount Sinai partnership: Valley has partnered with the Mount Sinai Health System to provide additional cancer services for our patients, including a greater array of clinical trials. Nurse navigators from both Valley and Mount Sinai make the process seamless for patients who need to use Mount Sinai’s cancer services.
  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy check-ins: On the day of your chemotherapy or immunotherapy, you will see a pharmacist, nurse and doctor in a final review to make sure any additional questions you or your family have are answered. After your treatment, we call to find out how you’re doing. Our goal is to ensure you are receiving the support you need throughout your chemotherapy or immunotherapy treatment. 
  • A commitment to research: Our physicians participate in leading-edge clinical trials and research that's breaking new ground in cancer care.