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Healthy Bites: July 2014

Healthy Grilling

Grilling is a popular and delicious cooking style in the summer months. Why heat up the kitchen, and, of course, it's helpful to keep most of the mess outside.

Here are some tips to keep you grilling with heart-healthy principles in mind:

When it comes to selecting what to grill, think of healthy choices like lean protein and vegetables. For beef, cuts like flank steak, sirloin, tenderloin, top loin, porterhoise, t-bone steak, and 90% lean ground beef are the leanest cuts. Use marinades and herb blends to add flavor and extra moisture. Skinless white meat chicken and turkey, along with ground turkey and chicken, are also lower fat options. Fat trimmed veal, pork tenderloin, and lamb loin cuts can be nicely grilled while keeping heart healthy. Fish is another delicious and healthy protein choice. Thicker fishes such as salmon, tuna, mahi mahi, tilapia, and halibut hold up best on the grill. Of course, a side of grilled vegetables balances the meal and adds fiber and many antioxidants.

Remember portion control! Aim for 4-5 ounces raw or 3-4 ounces cooked for meats, and 6 ounces for fish. A good visual is a deck of cards or the palm of your hand is about 3 ounces. A checkbook is a good visual cue for fish.

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