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Pre-Surgical Skin Preparation for Total Joint Replacement Surgery


As part of your skin preparation for total joint surgery, please shower with one BD E-Z Scrub sponge each day for three days prior to coming to the hospital, as well as on the morning of surgery.

Click here to download and print our skin preparation patient checklist. You will need to bring the completed checklist with you the day of your surgery and give it to your nurse in Same Day Surgery.

The E-Z Scrub sponge contains an antiseptic soap called Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4.0% (CHG). Check with your surgeon for alternative soaps if you have an allergy to CHG. If you develop a rash from the CHG, stop the washes and notify your orthopedic surgeon. The CHG antiseptic continues to act even when you have completed your shower. It helps prepare your skin for surgery to reduce your risk for infection.

Never use the E-Z Scrub Sponge near your eyes, ears or mouth.

Each packet contains a hard plastic nail cleaner – remove from sponge side before use. This nail cleaner can be used to gently clean under nails.


  1. Wash your hair with regular shampoo. Wash your face as usual. Rinse your hair and body.
  2. Wet the E-Z Scrub sponge and squeeze to produce a lather.
  3. Move away from the water to avoid rinsing the antiseptic soap solution off.
  4. Using the soft side of the sponge, start washing from the neck down and wash your entire body, including your back (as best you can) and groin. Towards the end of your shower, wash the outside surface only of your genital area.
  5. Very important: After washing, rinse thoroughly, especially the genital area to avoid irritation.
  6. Do not wash with regular soap after you have used the E-Z Scrub sponge.
  7. Do not shave any areas where surgery will be performed. You may shave your face.
  8. Dry with a fresh clean towel.
  9. Dress with clean freshly washed clothes.
  10. Do not use deodorant, lotions, powders or creams after this shower. You may use lotion or cream on your face. You may wear face makeup, but not on the day of surgery.
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