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Surgical Care


Surgery is an important part of modern health care. Surgical procedures can save and improve patients' lives, but like any medical treatment, they also carry risks, such as surgery-related infections. To minimize those risks, we follow strict guidelines that are proven by medical research to reduce the risk of surgical complications. The below chart lists some of the procedures we follow and shows how we compare to other hospitals.

Surgical Care Improvement Project
Process of Care Measures
April 2013 - March 2014

Outpatients having surgery who got an antibiotic at the right time - within one hour before surgery (higher numbers are better) 99% 98% 98%
Outpatients having surgery who got the right kind of antibiotic (higher numbers are better) 100% 98% 98%
Surgery patients who were taking heart drugs called beta blockers before coming to the hospital, who were kept on the beta blockers during the period just before and after their surgery 100% 98% 98%
Surgery patients who were given an antibiotic at the right time (within one hour before surgery) to help prevent infection 100% 99% 99%
Surgery patients who were given the right kind of antibiotic to help prevent infection 99% 99% 99%
Surgery patients whose preventive antibiotics were stopped at the right time (within 24 hours after surgery) 99% 99% 98%
Heart surgery patients whose blood sugar (blood glucose) is kept under good control in the days right after surgery 100% 96% 94%
Surgery patients whose urinary catheters were removed on the first or second day after surgery 100% 99% 98%
Patients who got treatment at the right time (within 24 hours before or after their surgery) to help prevent blood clots after certain types of surgery 100% 99% 99%

Why is the data on this website from several months ago?

The government releases the information on its Hospital Compare website (; however, it takes some time for CMS to gather and study the information, so the information is several months old. The most recent comparitive data available is for the period between April 2013 and March 2014.

Additional Process of Care Measures

Cardiovascular Care
Pneumonia Care

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