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Childbirth Consultations
Creating a Positive Atmosphere for Childbirth



When a woman chooses a Childbirth Consultation, she is making the decision to empower herself with knowledge about all of her options – both natural and medicinal.  The initial private consultation at approx. 20 weeks focuses on informing the expectant parents regarding their births from self-care to labor and birth; approach to care that includes all components of you: body, mind, spirit; forming a partnership with physician/midwife to enter into this important event with confidence; how best to educate yourself to be prepared for your birth without fear but with confidence; and assisting you in expressing your fears, hopes and desires about this long-awaited event.

Following the initial consultation you are encouraged to attend a Childbirth Education class.  This class provides the education needed for labor and delivery focusing on physiologic birth.

A final private consultation is then offered at approx. 36 weeks, post Childbirth Education Class, to determine and finalize what path you would like to take for the birth of your child.  This information is shared with our Labor & Delivery staff and your obstetrician. Upon your arrival at the hospital, we will be aware of your wishes and assist you on this journey.  For more information regarding these private consultations, please call 201-447-8488 or visit


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