Learn more about the health issues that matter to you and your family with our "Virtually Valley" video series! Our videos offer information, insights and advice on health and wellness topics, from Valley Health System's own specialists.

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Video Library

palliative care
Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Tune in to learn about what palliative care is, what chronic conditions are treated by palliative care, and where care is provided.

stroke support
Stroke Care

Stroke Support Every Step of the Way

Learn how The Valley Hospital supports stroke patients from their treatment in the hospital as well as when they return home after treatment.

weight loss management
Weight Management

Weight Loss Management

Tune into this video as Dr. Yatco answers questions from the community about weight loss management.

what parents should know about hpv
Children's Health

What Parents Should Know about HPV

Learn about Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and why it’s important to vaccinate our children.

Cancer Care, Colon Cancer

Fast-Track Colonoscopy

Need a colonoscopy? Tune into this video to learn about Valley’s convenient Fast Track Colonoscopy service to help detect colon cancer.

a look into valleys neonatal intensive care unit
Children's Health

A Look Into Valley’s NICU

Join us on a visit to Valley’s NICU! Hear from our compassionate professionals who take pride in taking care of our littlest patients.