Tune in to Health!

Valley's Community Health department is pleased to offer health education videos on a variety of topics, presented by Valley's own educators and health specialists.

Learn more about health topics that interest you and explore ways to get healthier!

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Video Library

Colon Cancer Treatment and Prevention
Gastroenterology, Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer: Treatment and Prevention

Learn about the warning signs of colon cancer, the latest screening and diagnostic tools as well as treatment options including our Fast Track screening.

Antioxidants & Aging
Health and Wellness, Dermatology

Antioxidants and Aging

Learn the latest evidence-based research on what health benefits antioxidant supplements have been proven to provide.

What is a Calcium Score
Heart Care

What Is a Calcium Score?

Find out more about this important score and the testing process to measure it. 

The Body as We Age
Health and Wellness

The Body as We Age (What Happened?!)

We know that aging will likely cause wrinkles and gray hair, but many other changes occur as we get older. Join Xelenia DePeña, MD, as we discuss these changes and how to best manage them. 


All About Your Knees

Learn the latest innovations in treating knee pain and knee issues, including surgical and nonsurgical options such as stem cell injections.

woman with a migraine
Health and Wellness

Migraine Mysteries Unveiled

Learn about migraine triggers and the latest treatments available to manage your migraines.