Valley’s Urologic Oncology Center provides team care for all aspects of urologic cancers, including prostate cancer, kidney and bladder cancer.

We welcome people seeking second opinions about their cancer treatment options.

A Team Approach to Urologic Oncology Care

Your Urologic Cancer Team

Saurahb Agarwal, MD
Howard Frey, MD

Medical Oncologist
Eli Kirshner, MD

Radiation Oncologists
Thomas Kole, MD, PhD
Michael Wesson, MD

Our team includes a variety of experts — including a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgeon, urologist, registered dietitian and nurse — who closely review each case and come to a consensus about a suggested treatment regimen. They provide a high level of care that incorporates evidence-based medicine and the newest protocols in the field.

And, our nurse navigator is there to see that your treatment runs as smoothly as possible.

Conditions Treated

Why Choose Valley for Urologic Oncology?

  • More precise radiation therapy: Our center offers radiation therapy, including SBRT (stereotactic body radiotherapy), that pinpoints cancerous cells, while sparing healthy cells nearby. This precision helps to minimize damage to nearby urologic structures, which offers better quality of life. For example, with prostate cancer, more precise radiation can minimize the possibility of erectile dysfunction or difficulty urinating after radiation.
  • A “Think Five” approach to radiation: Our radiation oncologists can deliver radiation in just 5 high-dose treatments, versus the standard course of up to 45 treatments. This means patients can complete their entire treatment in as little as one week.
  • Better diagnostics: Getting accurate imaging of your cancer is critical for diagnosis. Valley offers a fusion-guided biopsy system that allows our physicians to get the most accurate images possible to pinpoint suspicious areas to target for prostate cancer biopsy.
  • Minimally invasive robotic surgery: We offer robotic surgery using the da Vinci system for urologic cancers, including prostate cancer and kidney cancer. Robotic surgery offers many benefits, including faster recovery and less pain. It also allows for very precise surgeries, which is key for preserving quality of life for urologic cancers.  
  • Specialized expertise using a team approach: During a single, two-hour visit to our center, you’ll meet with our team of physician experts to discuss treatment options that are appropriate for your cancer. You’ll also meet with other clinical team members to discuss support services, such as nutritional counseling and social work.
  • Clinical trials: We offer clinical trials that provide you with access to treatment options that are not widely available otherwise. Our research nurse is available to review clinical trials that may be appropriate for you.