A Full Course of Prostate Cancer Treatment in Five Sessions

Valley’s radiation oncologists use a “Think Five” protocol to treat prostate cancer. With this approach, physicians deliver five precise high-dose radiation treatments to the prostate, rather than the standard course of up to 45 treatments. 

The Think Five protocol is part of a full scope of treatments available at Valley’s Urologic Oncology Program.

How is Think Five Different from Standard Radiation Therapy?

For years, radiation therapy for prostate cancer meant daily radiation treatments five days a week for upward of nine weeks. While that treatment works very well, the frequent travel to radiation appointments can take a toll on patients.  

Valley’s Think Five approach to prostate cancer radiation therapy follows years of research and clinical trials that have shown the effectiveness of less frequent, higher-dose radiation treatments. 

With the Think Five protocol, radiation oncologists use higher daily doses of radiation to shorten the duration of the treatment. This allows patients to complete their entire treatment in as little as one week. 

Who Can Benefit from Think Five Radiation Therapy?

Think Five is indicated for patients with localized prostate cancer, meaning the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body. Patients must also have a low or intermediate disease risk, which is calculated using a number of clinical factors, including the aggressiveness of the cancer.