Hello, Thrive! members! 

I’m so thrilled to be the new coordinator for this fun, vibrant group of women. While I’ve worked for The Valley Hospital’s Community Health and Benefit Department since 2007 – back when I was a nutrition student at Montclair State University – and have served in a variety of health education roles,  Thrive! is my newest adventure!  

My vision for Thrive! is to provide all women and families in our community with fun, educational health programs to improve quality of life, better the community as a whole, and bring us all together. We have programs planned for women of all ages and interests, including women who want to better manage their health, young moms, seniors, and every in-between!   

Like before, about half of our programs are geared towards mothers and children. As a new mom myself, I can say firsthand that it’s not always easy, it’s always messy, emotions are real, and being a mom is the single greatest thing I have ever done. So let’s celebrate moms, dads and all families, because we are all in this for the same thing –  to give our babies the best and raise some amazing little people! 

I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work closely with such a dynamic group of women, and I look forward to meeting you and your families at future programs!

- Danielle Fabrizio, MS, CHES
  Thrive! Coordinator

Thrive! Coordinator, Danielle, and her daughter, Gwen!
Thrive! coordinator, Danielle, and her daughter, Gwen!
Deb, Gwen and Danielle
Three generations of Thrive! Our coordinator, Danielle (right), with daughter Gwen and her mother-in-law, former Thrive! coordinator Deb Rath!