The Valley Hospital’s New Graduate Nurse Residency Program is a structured educational program designed to prepare newly graduated registered nurses in acquiring the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to care for patients in their assigned clinical areas. The program accepts qualified licensed nurses who have graduated from a baccalaureate nursing program, who are hired into nurse residency positions and trained as a cohort for one year.

How to Apply

Visit our careers website to view available Nursing Resident positions. 

Nursing Residency Program Goals

The objectives of the New Graduate Nurse Residency Program are:

  • To ease the new graduate’s role transition from student nurse to practicing nurse by providing a stimulating environment which fosters critical thinking by utilizing case study exercises, simulation, case reviews and group work 
  • To facilitate the acquisition of clinical competence as a beginning practitioner by providing an environment in which a new graduate nurse can learn and practice essential leadership skills such as time management, prioritization, delegation and patient advocacy to enable him/her to direct the patient’s care plan
  • To provide an environment to allow the new graduate nurse to refine his/her skills while ensuring they are based on the most current evidence-based practices
  • To provide a nurturing environment in which a cohesive group of graduate nurses can form relationships, share clinical experiences and fulfill the requirements of the nurse residency program

Program Details

Didactic, simulation, case study, role play and discussion learning methods are utilized to educate the nurse residents about acute-care skills, procedures and assessments, while building on their current nursing knowledge. 

Unit training is extensive, with one-on-one preceptors who develop the gradual assignments for the nurse residents daily, increasing complexity and patient acuity. Residents are also assigned a mentor on the unit/department they are hired to, to provide the support needed during their residency. 

Pre- and post-conferences are conducted to allow time for nurse residents to practice difficult skills, ask clarifying questions and discuss patient cases. Residents are enrolled into specialty classes depending on the unit/department into which they are hired.  

At the completion of the program, a graduation ceremony is held to acknowledge the nurse residents’ accomplishments in transitioning into a professional nurse role.