DAISY Award for NursesValley is proud to have nurses who go above and beyond for their patients. Our monthly DAISY Award presentations honor these nurses for the special roles they play in patient care. 

Each month, a nurse from The Valley Hospital and a nurse from Valley Home Care is selected to receive the DAISY Award, based on nominations from patients and/or family members.

In addition to celebrating the work they do every day, the award helps nurses see in themselves what their patients, families and colleagues see in them and help them recognize the powerful difference they make in others’ lives. 

Recognize a Nurse

If your life, or the life of a loved one, has been impacted by a Valley nurse, you can nominate them for a DAISY Award in one of the following ways:

  • Completing the DAISY Award nomination through the hospital’s GetWellNetwork bedside system (for current hospital inpatients)
  • Completing the DAISY Award nomination form and returning it to:
    The Valley Hospital
    223 N. Van Dien Ave.
    Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450
    ATTN: Nursing Professional Development Department, Phillips Lower Level

Recent DAISY Award Winners

Nicole Sunga, RN
Nicole Sunga, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Jennifer Pirc, RN (Valley Hospice)
Jennifer Pirc, RN (Valley Hospice)
Eleanor Franco, RN
Eleanor Franco, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Marion Brazaitis, RN (Valley Home Care)
Marion Brazaitis, RN (Valley Home Care)
Prisilla Santomieri, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Prisilla Santomieri, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Anna Boksz, RN
Anna Boksz, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Pamela Orlando, RN
Pamela Orlando, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Elzbieta Jarecki, RN
Elzbieta Jarecki, RN (Valley Home Care)
Karen Elliot, RN
Karen Elliot, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Jane Kramer, RN
Jane Kramer, RN (VHC)
Erin Lynch, RN
Erin Lynch, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Julia Amorosso, RN
Julia Amorosso, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Klaudia Turanchik, RN
Klaudia Turanchik, RN (Valley Home Care)
Kathlen Shankar, RN
Kathlen Shankar, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Michele Ferrarella, RN
Michele Ferrarella, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Natalia Manzano Giraldo, RN
Natalia Manzano Giraldo, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Lauren Mehra, RN
Lauren Mehra, RN (Valley Home Care)
Pamela Mc Conville, RN
Pamela Mc Conville, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Shaza Khatib, RN
Shaza Khatib, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Stephanie Faurot, RN
Stephanie Faurot, RN (The Valley Hospital)
Taryn Cornelius, RN
Taryn Cornelius, RN (The Valley Hospital)