If your arrhythmia symptoms are relatively rare, or no arrhythmia could be identified by the external means, we may consider a type of continuous ECG monitoring called an implantable loop monitor (also known as an internal loop recorder, or ILR,) a small device which is implanted under the skin at chest level in front of your heart. 

The Reveal LINQ implantable loop monitor
The Reveal LINQ implantable loop monitor

With a battery life of 3 years, daily wireless transmissions, and a dedicated software system to detect atrial fibrillation, this device offers the best choice for identifying arrhythmias that occur rarely but with severe symptoms (e.g. syncope).

The implant procedure is performed at the hospital. A physician from our team places the small device near your left breastbone using local anesthesia. You will go home the same day. 

The device either automatically records the electrical activity of the heart outside the limits that we set up if your heart rate drops below or goes above a specified threshold, or you can manually activate it when symptoms occur. 

This device is also used for tailoring the management of certain arrhythmias as atrial fibrillation, atrial tachycardia or atrial flutter.