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Reasons to See Us


High-Risk Pregnancy: The Mother and/or Baby at Risk

Perinatology or maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) is a specialty branch of obstetrics and gynecology.

MFM deals with high-risk pregnancy conditions of both the mother and/or her unborn baby, or fetus, that if not dealt with could put the mother and/or fetus at risk.

Perinatologists or MFM physician specialists work collaboratively with the patients' obstetrician or primary care physician to develop a plan of care designed to address the patient's individual needs and particular medical history.

Specific Reasons to See a Perinatologist or MFM Physician Specialist

  • previous pregnancy loss;
  • advanced maternal age (greater than 35 years of age);
  • a pregnancy involving multiples (twins, triplets, etc.);
  • an underlying disease such as hypertension or diabetes;
  • a family history of genetic disorders and/or medical conditions;
  • follow-up for abnormal first and second trimester serum screenings;
  • pregnancy conditions such as fetal growth concerns, cervical length, placenta problems or pre-term labor; and/or
  • parent or family concerns, for reassurance and peace of mind.

Benefits of The Valley Hospital MFM Center

  • on-site board certified perinatologists (maternal fetal medicine physician specialists);
  • instant risk assessment in first trimester;
  • genetic testing and genetic counseling;
  • specialty nurses in diabetes, hypertension and fetal monitoring;
  • state-of-the-art ultrasonography including 3D and 4D capabilities;
  • ultrasound sonographers who are fully certified from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS);
  • full, three-year accreditation by the American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine (AIUM); and
  • the most comprehensive and integrated MFM Center and services in the region.

Other Benefits

  • most major insurances are accepted,
  • reserved patient parking, and
  • convenient Bergen County location (140 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus).


If you need an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, please click here to view those on Valley's medical staff.

The Valley Hospital offers a wide array of women's and children's services, including The Center for ChildbirthThe Fertility CenterMaternal-Fetal MedicineThe Center for Family EducationPediatrics, and The Kireker Center for Child Development. Maternal and Child Health services are provided in the home by Valley Home Care.

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