Update to the community on COVID-19 vaccination

vaccine vials

Since receiving our first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in late 2020, Valley Health System has administered more than 20,000 vaccines to staff, doctors, local first responders, and members of the community who have met the state’s current eligibility criteria.

The receipt of vaccine at Valley and all healthcare institutions is a very fluid situation, often changing daily, sometimes hourly. Until the pipeline is full enough to ensure adequate supply for everyone, which many expect will be in the next few months, demand is going to continue outpacing supply, and virtually no hospital in our area, or elsewhere, will receive all of the vaccine that they need.

In anticipation of significant increases in demand, Valley has remodeled and reengineered our location at 599 Valley Health Plaza in Paramus (adjacent to our Luckow Pavilion). Now our primary Vaccination Center, this large, full-scale operation has already vaccinated many eligible community members and is poised to vaccine 1,000 individuals per day when supply is consistently received by Valley at those levels.

Until then, we will continue to create appointments and administer vaccine as it is received. Availability of appointments is posted on this web page and on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Those are the most immediate – and only -- ways to stay up-to-date.

Appointment availability has been a source of frustration throughout the state and the country. This has been well documented in the media across virtually every healthcare institution and municipality. We ask that you continue to be patient. We also ask that you understand that Valley, as an institution, has the infrastructure in place, in terms of facilities and personnel, to administer vaccine at a much greater level when that time comes.

In the meantime, continue to check the resources above to learn when appointments will be available. As always, Valley remains committed to serving the healthcare needs of the community. Thank you.