Surgical care and more at The Valley Hospital in Paramus

Surgical care and more at The Valley Hospital in Paramus

To understand surgical care at The Valley Hospital in Paramus is to understand the larger concept of interventional services.

At Valley, all “patient interventions,” defined largely as surgical and other invasive procedures, will be collectively placed in one location. This interventional platform will encompass departments providing traditional surgical interventions in cardiac, orthopedic, neuro, and general surgery. But it will also include non-surgical interventions such as procedures in electrophysiology, cardiac catheterization, neurointerventional (utilizing a biplane and single plane), endoscopy, post-anesthesia care, and other areas. In all, there will be 24 procedure rooms in the interventional area.

Among Valley’s new capabilities will be two hybrid operating rooms that can be utilized for a variety of surgical purposes and conversion to a cardiac catheterization laboratory. This flexible design will significantly increase the Valley’s capacity for minimally invasive procedures.

Two operating suites will be separated by an MRI allowing surgeons, particularly neurosurgeons, to pause during an operation, wheel the patient just steps away to obtain an MRI, then return the patient to the operating room. The intelligence obtained from the scan will help surgeons determine if additional surgical work is required before the procedure is completed.

Shadow-reducing surgical lights have been included in the design of all interventional suites. The lighting management system provides consistent brightness and eliminates unwanted shadows, even when a surgeon is working directly underneath.

Airflow and its velocity are very important to maintaining a sterile surgical environment. In Valley’s new operating rooms, air will travel down from the top of the suite and create an air curtain around the patient and team. Before the air hits the ground, it will return back to its source where it will be filtered and reconditioned before its return to the suite.

Each of the 11 operating rooms will be 650 square feet, providing a generous amount of space for the entire surgical team while allowing room for the addition of technology in future years.

The interventional platform has been strategically placed one floor above the Emergency Department (ED). A dedicated elevator connects the interventional platform directly to the ED so the time required to transport a patient can be as minimal as possible.

Placing these services in one location has tremendous team benefits as well. Doctors and staff from many disciplines will now be seeing each other daily, providing a fertile environment for teamwork and collaboration.

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