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Groove to the Move!

Get pumped up for The Valley Hospital's move to Paramus! Valley has launched a Spotify playlist with songs to get you into the moving mood.

Construction Updates

Follow our progress with daily photos from our construction site, or click the play button on the screen below to watch a time-lapse video! 

About the Project

Healthcare today is changing rapidly. With the opening of a state-of-the-art hospital on a brand-new campus in Paramus, Valley will be well-suited to adapt to these changes and meet the healthcare needs of the northern New Jersey community for many years to come.

The Valley Hospital in Paramus will provide an even better experience for our patients and their families. Single-patient rooms, for example, will enhance patient privacy, safety and comfort.  A flexible facility design, with such features as universally sized operating and procedure rooms, will enable the hospital to adapt to changing needs and medical technology. And our new location and larger campus will allow us to grow our community outreach, empowering and inspiring people to live healthier lives. 

New Valley Hospital Site Plan

The Valley Hospital in Paramus will reside on Winters Avenue in Paramus, just 2.5 miles from Valley's current campus on North Van Dien Avenue in Ridgewood.

Once built, the hospital will be the centerpiece of a healthcare campus that unites acute inpatient care with Valley's wide range of outpatient services. 

The facility will be across the street from The Robert & Audrey Luckow Pavilion, Valley's same-day surgery and comprehensive cancer center.

It will also be near Valley's medical office complex at 140 E. Ridgewood Ave., home to The Valley Hospital Fertility Center, Maternal-Fetal Medicine services, the Center for Family Education, the Kireker Center for Child Development, and other outpatient services. 

Visitors to The Valley Hospital in Paramus will also enjoy convenient access to the Fashion Center and Paramus Park Mall.

The Valley Hospital in Paramus will be a modern healthcare facility on a state-of-the-art campus that incorporates best practices in healthcare facility design. Plans call for an approximately 910,000-square-foot facility that will range in height from three to seven stories.

The Valley Hospital in Paramus will be in full compliance with the zoning ordinances already established by Paramus.

The hospital will be planned, constructed, operated and maintained using “green” or environmentally friendly principles and processes, with 20 percent of the site dedicated to open, green space. The facility will incorporate green roofs, which involves growing plants on the facility’s rooftops. Green roofs have numerous benefits, including reducing storm water runoff, improving energy efficiency, and improving the overall look of the hospital for patients and neighbors.

Fly Through of The Valley Hospital in Paramus

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Frequently Asked Questions

Project Timeline

The Valley Hospital in Paramus is announced (January 2017)
Certificate of Need Application Review
New Jersey Department of Health’s review of Valley’s Certificate of Need Application (February 2017 – February 2018)
Site Plan Review
Site Plan is reviewed by Borough of Paramus Planning Board (2018)
Site Plan Approval
Site Plan is approved by Borough of Paramus Planning Board (June 2019)
Valley holds groundbreaking ceremony for The Valley Hospital in Paramus (November 2019)
Construction of New Hospital
Estimated 4 years (November 2019 – 2024)
Grand Opening
Valley celebrates the opening of The Valley Hospital in Paramus (2024)

Project Guiding Principles

Design for Flexibility

Design for Flexibility

Care delivery models and technologies are constantly evolving. Environments of care must be adaptable to flex and respond to change. Valley’s facilities will be designed with modularity and standardization to accommodate new care models and technologies, as well as the flexibility to grow and change over time.

Enhance Our Care & Service Experience

Enhance Our Care & Service Experience

Valley Health System has developed a reputation for clinical excellence and compassionate care and service. We care deeply for our patients and families and the quality of their experience. Involving patients and families, we will build upon this legacy to develop environments that ensure an even better experience in the future.

A Culture of Safety & Innovation

A Culture of Safety & Innovation

We strive for integrated services and high-reliability practices that support patient safety and lead to positive clinical outcomes. We embrace innovative thinking and creative ideas that push the boundaries of our current thinking to imagine new care delivery opportunities, knowing that today‘s possibilities will rapidly become tomorrow’s realities.

A Community Wellness Partner

A Community Wellness Partner

As a part of the fabric of northern New Jersey for generations, Valley has played a vital role in the health of our community. We will continue to enhance the health of the population by partnering with individuals seeking assistance and education, and by evolving to meet changing needs. We will achieve this partnership by offering our services in customer friendly, state-of-the-art facilities designed to inspire wellness and healing.

Stewardship of Resources & the Environment

Stewardship of Resources & the Environment

We hold ourselves accountable for the resources we consume in the mission of providing healthcare. We seek to minimize waste, preserve natural resources and do our part to protect the environment. We expect fiscal accountability through smart sustainable design, efficient planning and operations and cost-effective decisions that will have long-term impacts.