Safety at The Valley Hospital in Paramus

Safety at The Valley Hospital in Paramus

At Valley, we value Safety Above All, which is why our new hospital in Paramus is equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment to keep our patients, guests, and staff safe.

Meet AUGi: A Powerful Tool for Patient Safety!

AUGi is a fall-prevention tool and platform that combines a hybrid sensor, artificial intelligence, computer vision, a smartphone application, an integrated smart lanyard, and Bluetooth low energy into a powerful tool to enhance patient safety! Scan the QR code/click the link to learn more!

Real-Time Location System

At The Valley Hospital in Paramus, a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) will help track assets and keep patients, staff, and guests safe. The RTLS System will be integrated with the digital footwall in each patient’s room and every time a staff member enters the room, their name, role, and photo will appear on the screen, so the patient, guests, and staff know exactly who they are!

Cameras, Cameras, Cameras!

The Valley Hospital in Paramus will be equipped with the latest safety and security equipment, including approximately 450 security cameras!

Infant Security

Similar to our Ridgewood campus, the Family Care Pavilion (FCP) at The Valley Hospital in Paramus will have an additional layer of security so that visitors going to other areas in the hospital do not inadvertently enter the FCP. An infant security system will track all infants so that the care team knows where each infant is at all times. If the System detects deviance from usual travel paths or an unauthorized entry or exit of the unit, alarms will sound to ensure our most vulnerable patients are kept safe at all times.

Card Access

card accessGoodbye keys, hello proximity (prox) cards! To provide a safe and secure environment, The Valley Hospital in Paramus will do away with traditional keys and instead, each employee will use their ID badge, a smart, contactless prox card, to gain access to different areas of the building. This will ensure accurate, individualized access for every employee, plus, if a card is ever lost, it can be deactivated right away.

Weapon Detection System

To further enhance safety and security, The Valley Hospital in Paramus will be equipped with a weapon detection system. The system combines powerful sensor technology with artificial intelligence for accurate threat detection.