Pharmacy services at The Valley Hospital and our outpatient locations meet the highest standards of pharmacy practice and medication management.

Whether you need a prescription filled, require in-hospital medication or are receiving outpatient medication therapy, our highly trained pharmacists are available to answer your questions and provide medication management solutions to improve your quality of life. 

Our Pharmacies

Valley’s pharmacies include:

  • A hospital pharmacy, available 24/7, for inpatients 
  • Satellite pharmacies located at the hospital (in the operating room suite and Critical Care Department) and at the Luckow Pavilion (for infusion and same-day surgery patients)
  • Three full-service retail pharmacies, open to the public, located at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, the Luckow Pavilion in Paramus, and Valley’s Center for Health and Wellness in Mahwah
  • A specialty pharmacy program that supports patients who require specialized medications for rare, chronic or complex health conditions – including medications that often can't be found in a traditional pharmacy

The Pharmacy Team

Valley’s Pharmacy Department is made up of registered pharmacists, technicians, pharmacy residents, coordinators and supervisors. This team:

  • Ensures order accuracy and proper dosing
  • Collaborates with other healthcare professionals on patients’ medication management
  • Participates in drug therapy monitoring, drug usage evaluation and adverse drug reaction reporting
  • Conducts patient rounds at the hospital
  • Maintains a safe, secure pharmacy environment