At Valley Health System, we are proud to welcome a remarkable and diverse group of residents into our community. Learn more about our Internal Medicine residents below. 

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Travis Adamson, MD

Travis Adamson, MD

Bridgewater, New Jersey

Medical School: St. George University School of Medicine

Dr. Adamson hails from southern New Hampshire. Growing up in a nurturing environment with his parents and three brothers, he was enriched by his family’s diverse heritage of Armenian, Italian, and Scottish backgrounds. His upbringing instilled in him values of empathy and compassion, which have been the guiding principles of his journey into medicine.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in neuroscience at Quinnipiac University, where he also met his wife, the pair relocated to New York. There, Dr. Adamson worked in clinical research before embarking on his medical school education at St. George's University.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Adamson finds solace in exploring the world through travel, perfecting his ballroom dancing moves, strategizing over board games, and supporting his favorite sports teams.

For Dr. Adamson, choosing Valley for his residency was a decision fueled by its community-focused approach and the support of a prestigious academic sponsor. He felt an immediate connection with the faculty during his interview, sensing their dedication to resident success and patient care.

Though his career path in medicine remains open to exploration, Dr. Adamson is drawn to specialties such as endocrinology, oncology, and primary care. He aspires to make a significant impact on the lives of patients, leveraging his cultural insight, academic rigor, and compassionate nature.

Dr. Adamson is eager to help shape the future of medical education and patient care at Valley, embodying the essence of a dedicated healer poised to make a meaningful difference.

Dena Alsurakhi, DO

Dena Alsurakhi, DO

Lodi, New Jersey

Medical School: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

Choosing Valley’s residency program was an easy decision for Dr. Alsurakhi, as the faculty’s and doctors’ genuine passion and eagerness to teach was immediately apparent. The camaraderie and approachability of the Valley team put her ease, and the ability to stay close to home was an added bonus for the New Jersey native, who comes from a large yet close-knit family. 

Valley’s residency will enable Dr. Alsurakhi to address the diverse healthcare needs of the local population while offering a well-rounded and complete residency education. Dr. Alsurakhi hopes to explore avenues that allow her to integrate her passion for preventive medicine and patient education. She is drawn to the topics of social determinants of health and looks forward to implementing practices that promote wellness and equitable access to healthcare. While Dr. Alsurakhi may explore a fellowship in endocrinology down the road, she is keeping an open mind and awaiting what the future holds. 

At home, Dr. Alsurakhi enjoys playing volleyball with her siblings, baking, and indulging in Netflix marathons. 

Kruthi Kella, MD

Kruthi Kella, MD

Ridgewood, New Jersey

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Dr. Kella was born in India but raised in the UK and in Ridgewood, N.J., where she attended middle and high school. Valley helped her discover her passion for medicine and research early in her career. As a member of the Ridgewood Academy of Health Professions at Ridgewood High School, Dr. Kella shadowed doctors and other healthcare professionals at The Valley Hospital and was exposed to different aspects of the healthcare system. 

Dr. Kella chose to return to Valley for her residency because of its emphasis on structured resident education with an integrated research curriculum. She is grateful for the opportunity to come home and serve the community she grew up in. 

Within internal medicine, Dr. Kella is interested in hospital medicine, cardiology, infectious disease, and global health. In the future, she hopes to be involved in clinical research alongside training. In her free time, Dr. Kella likes to spend time with family, travel, bake, and practice yoga.

Ammar Khawar, MD

Ammar Khawar, MD

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Medical School: King Edward Medical University

Dr. Khawar’s decision to join Valley was deeply influenced by the passion and enthusiasm of the whole faculty in nurturing a residency program primed for excellence. The supportive atmosphere he experienced during the interview day resonated with him, promising an ideal environment for personal and professional growth. 

Currently, Dr. Khawar aspires to explore the vast field of internal medicine, aiming to excel as a competent hospitalist and a reliable physician whom patients can trust comfortably. While his specific interests are still evolving, Dr. Khawar finds himself drawn to the complexities of cardiology and hematology-oncology. He is honored to embark on this new chapter of life dedicated to fulfilling his aspirations in the field of medicine.

Growing up in a military family, Dr. Khawar had the privilege to explore the varied landscapes of Pakistan, an experience that cultivated within him a profound admiration for the cultural richness of his country. In his free time, he loves to explore the scenic beauty of northern regions, go on refreshing hikes, and explore new places for delicious food. Cricket also holds a special place in his heart. At the core of Dr. Khawar’s world are his beloved siblings: an elder brother, who consistently provides care and support, and a younger sister, who holds a special place as his closest friend.

Tae Hoon Kim, MD

Tae Hoon Kim, MD

Rutherford, New Jersey

Medical School: American University of Antigua College of Medicine

Dr. Kim, a Korean who was raised in New Zealand and Australia before immigrating to New Jersey in 2011, chose Valley’s internal medicine residency program because of the great emphasis on top-notch clinical education, alongside great consideration for resident wellness. He aspires to become a hematologist/oncologist practicing in Bergen County.

With family located across the globe – including parents in Korea and a younger brother in Australia – Dr. Kim, his wife, and their dog, Lulu, call Rutherford, N.J., home. In his spare time, he enjoys movies, playing video games, going on food adventures, and traveling. 

Waafa Maghazi, DO

Waafa Maghazi, DO

Bayonne, New Jersey

Medical School: New York Institute of Technology Collete of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Maghazi was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, where she attended her first medical school before relocating to pursue her dream of practicing medicine in the United States. She chose Valley for residency due to its strong academic affiliation with the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine, as well as for its many opportunities for professional growth, including the chance to work closely with attendings and specialists. Dr. Maghazi’s professional goal is to pursue a career in hospital medicine and primary care. 

Dr. Maghazi credits her supportive and compassionate husband and her three joyful boys for keeping her life balanced. In her spare time, Dr. Maghazi enjoys the sights and sounds of the outdoors, particularly the beach, where she listens to Fairuz, a famous singer from Lebanon. 

Hannah Piskun, MD

Hannah Piskun, MD

Tenafly, New Jersey

Medical School: Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Dr. Piskun is excited to be part of Valley Health System’s internal medicine residency program. She was drawn to Valley after being impressed by the warmth and excitement of her interviewers. Their passion for teaching and creating a new program was clear, and it inspired Dr. Piskun to want to join this program.   

Dr. Piskun strives to be an excellent, knowledgeable physician whose focus is on patient-centered care. She has an interest in the field of cardiology but is open to exploring other fields. Additionally, Dr. Piskun is interested in pursuing research projects throughout her residency.

With parents who immigrated to the United States from the former Soviet Union in the late 1980s, Dr. Piskun is fluent in Russian and is passionate about keeping her Russian at a native level through watching movies, reading articles, and speaking when given the opportunity. In her spare time, she enjoys time with her husband, Josh, as well as playing the piano, reading, and exercising. 

Sajidur Rahman-Kader, MD

Sajidur Rahman-Kader, MD

Paterson, New Jersey

Medical School: University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

Dr. Kader is excited to be at Valley, as it affords him the opportunity to remain in northern New Jersey, where he was raised. He feels honored to begin his journey here, where he looks forward to learning about clinical medicine, population health, healthcare administration, and more.

Having varied interests is nothing new for Dr. Kader. At Duke University, where he attended college, he completed a double major in neuroscience and Turkish. In medical school, he received his medical degree as well as a master’s degree in public health. 

Born in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Kader relocated to Paterson, N.J., in 2006, where he continues to reside with his family. Dr. Kader has many interests outside of medicine, including challenging himself in business and finance; practicing wrestling and jiu jitsu; watching documentaries; staying abreast of global news; fixing cars; traveling; and intensive hiking and running. He also enjoys listening to music every day and exploring different foods.

Conor Rankin, MD

Conor Rankin, MD

Ontario, Canada

Medical School: University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School, Ireland

Dr. Rankin is honored to be a part of the Valley-Mount Sinai Internal Medicine Residency Program and is excited to make a difference in a new program and a state-of-the-art hospital. He was particularly drawn to its friendly, compassionate, and committed faculty educators. Dr. Rankin’s aspirations and professional goals in medicine involve having a fulfilling career as a clinician-educator and helping a future generation of medical students and residents.  

A native of Canada, Dr. Rankin also has ties to New Jersey, having played hockey in Middletown when he was 18. Hockey still looms large in Dr. Rankin’s interests and hobbies, which also include exercising, sauna and cryotherapy, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the outdoors. Dr. Rankin is grateful for the support of his family, including his parents, brothers, and sister. 

Armin Saba, DO

Armin Saba, DO

Lebanon, Oregon

Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Dr. Saba is ecstatic to be pursuing his longtime passion for internal medicine at Valley. He is proud to be part of Valley’s first cohort of residents, and excited to train alongside a wonderful team of mentors and healthcare providers, providing care to the people of Bergen County. 

Dr. Saba’s primary medical interests include patient education, healthcare transparency, and prioritizing mental and physical health. He is also passionate about preventive care and is eager to explore more rigorous screening techniques that focusing on disease prevention. Armin is currently looking to further his training in cardiology or gastroenterology. 

Born in Iran, Dr. Saba’s family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, before eventually moving to Washington. In his free time, Dr. Saba enjoys playing board games with friends, cooking both American and Persian foods, and exploring nature with his wife, Taryn.

Amy Yeung, DO

Amy Yeung, DO

New York, New York

Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Born and raised in Manhattan, Dr. Yeung’s family originally hails from Fuzhou, China. She chose Valley for its nurturing, supportive community that thrives on academics and compassionate learning – values that align with her personal and professional goals. Dr. Yeung’s future aspirations include pursuing a fellowship in gastroenterology. She is excited to be part of this incredible team and looks forward to learning and growing together with her fellow residents.

In her free time, Dr. Yeung enjoys gliding on her penny-board, running while listening to EDM, and playing basketball and badminton, as well as wing or sushi dates with her husband.

Ayah Zobi, DO

Ayah Zobi, DO

Cerritos, California

Medical School: Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Dr. Zobi chose Valley because of its mission, vision, diversity, and representation, as well as its emphasis on prioritizing the health and well-being of its patients and residents. Dr. Zobi was also impressed by the inclusivity and diversity embedded in the program, which creates a welcoming atmosphere and the perfect culture in which to learn and grow as a physician. While her long-term goals are still evolving, Dr. Zobi is interested in becoming a hospitalist or an infectious disease specialist.  

During her free time, Dr. Zobi enjoys recreating delicious Middle Eastern cuisines and desserts from her childhood (her father is Palestinian and her mother is Lebanese). She also likes to play hidden object games, which are a fun way to sharpen her observation and perception skills.