Is hospice only for cancer patients?

The majority of patients served by hospice nationally do not have a cancer diagnosis. Hospice serves people with any life-limiting illness.

Is hospice care only appropriate when there are just days or weeks to live?

While hospice can provide important care at any point in an illness, it is most effective when there is time to help a patient and family navigate the countess medical, personal, emotional and spiritual difficulties a serious illness raises.

Does hospice hasten death?

Medications hospice uses to relieve pain and other symptoms do not lead to an earlier death. On average, hospice patients live longer than similar patients without hospice. The extra time gives hospice patients time for better resolution and closure.

Does accepting hospice mean a patient has given up?

Hospice helps patients live fully to the very end, spending good quality time with family and friends. We help patients find hope for comfort, for strength to create meaningful legacies, and for acceptance that leads to a peaceful passing.

Do hospice patients have to give up their personal physician?

Hospice works closely with the patient’s physician, who continues to follow them. We know that teaming up with the doctor who knows their patient best helps guide us in providing the excellent care we are determined to give.

Do patients need a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order to be on the program?

Hospice does not require a DNR to begin or continue service.

Can a patient suspend hospice services if they choose?

Absolutely. If the patient’s condition improves, patients can be discharged from hospice. They can also elect to come off of hospice at any time for any reason. If circumstances change, hospice can always be reinitiated.

How often does a member of the hospice team visit a patient?

The hospice nurse makes regularly scheduled visits based on the patient's needs. Our on-call nurses are available 24 hours a day for crisis situations. The social worker, chaplain and volunteers visit regularly. Home health aides visit for personal care as needed.