Valley Hospice’s unique End-of-Life Doula program features specially trained volunteers (known as doulas) who help a patient and family plan for the very end of their illness. They offer a compassionate presence throughout the final days and hours of life, supporting and guiding the patient and family in a way that brings the greatest sense of calm possible. 

Services for Patients and Families

Doulas meet with the patient and their families approximately three times beforehand to develop an individualized vigil plan that specifies their final wishes. They remain present throughout the entire process to help ensure that the patients’ needs and wishes are met.

The doulas also help family and friends understand the many changes that will occur during the dying process, as well as ease any anxieties and fears. Later, they help the family process the experience and work through any feelings that might complicate their grieving to provide a sense of closure.

Watch the video below to see one family's experience with Valley's End-of-Life Doula Program: