Routine screening colonoscopy is crucial to the early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer.

At Valley, we make it easy for you to get your screening colonoscopy. If you’re healthy and at low risk for colon cancer or rectal cancer, we can fast-track your procedure.

Through our Fast-Track Screening Colonoscopy program, you can schedule your colonoscopy without having a pre-procedure visit with a gastroenterologist. This allows you to get your colorectal cancer screening done quickly, in just one appointment.

Valley has screened more than 1,000 individuals through the Fast-Track Colonoscopy program since it’s inception.
You may be eligible for a Fast-Track Colonoscopy screening if you are 45 to 75 years old and in good overall health.

How to Schedule a Fast-Track Colonoscopy

Our Fast-Track Screening Colonoscopy program streamlines the colorectal cancer screening process. To see if you’re eligible, call us at 201-389-0808.

When you call, our advanced practice provider will ask a few questions to determine if the program is right for you.

You may be eligible for fast-track colonoscopy screening if you:

  • Are 45 to 75 years old and in good overall health
  • Have no major medical problems (like diabetes, heart disease or sleep apnea)
  • Are not having symptoms of colorectal cancer
  • Are not currently receiving care from a gastroenterologist
  • Have not had a colonoscopy in the last 10 years (or five years if you have a parent, sibling or child with colorectal cancer)

WATCH: Need a colonoscopy? Tune into this video to learn about Valley’s convenient Fast Track Colonoscopy service to help detect colon cancer.

What to Expect with Your Fast-Track Colonoscopy

If you are eligible for a fast-track colonoscopy, an advanced practice provider will schedule your colonoscopy with a Valley gastroenterologist or colorectal surgeon. You’ll get instructions for the day of the procedure and how to prepare.

On the day of the procedure:

  • You’ll start by having a physical with an advanced practice provider.
  • You’ll then have a consultation with a gastroenterologist or colorectal surgeon.
  • They’ll walk you through what to expect, and you’ll have a chance to ask any questions you may have.
  • You’ll then move on to the colonoscopy procedure.

You can expect to be at the hospital for about two to three hours, which includes your physical and consultation, procedure preparation, the colonoscopy procedure and recovery.

Learn more about what you can expect with a colonoscopy at Valley.

WATCH: Don’t wait to schedule a lifesaving colonoscopy. Learn how our fast-track colonoscopy makes it easy for you.