Valley-Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Care makes it easier and more affordable to schedule a colonoscopy to screen for colorectal cancer. The Fast-Track Screening Colonoscopy program streamlines the process of scheduling a colonoscopy procedure by eliminating the need for patients to meet with a gastroenterologist for a pre-procedure appointment; they simply come in on the day of their procedure. 

How Fast-Track Colonoscopy Works

Each patient will receive an initial consultation by phone with a nurse navigator, who will determine their eligibility. Once the patient is deemed eligible, they will be scheduled for the procedure with a Valley gastroenterologist or colorectal surgeon based on a health insurance match and availability, and will receive instructions and a prescription for preparatory colon-cleansing agents. 

Are You Eligible for a Fast-Track Screening Colonoscopy?

Patients must meet certain criteria to qualify for a fast-track screening colonoscopy, including:

  • Being in overall good health, with no significant medical problems or symptoms of colon cancer
  • Age (45 to 75 years old)
  • Never having had an initial colonoscopy, or not having had a colonoscopy within the past 10 years (5 years for patients with a first-degree relative with colon cancer)

Patients who are not eligible for a fast-track screening colonoscopy include those who:

  • Are experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms including a change in bowel patterns or rectal bleeding
  • Have sleep apnea
  • Are 76 years old or older 

Our nurse navigator will determine eligibility during the initial phone consultation. Call our navigator at 201-389-0808 for more information on eligibility for fast-track screening colonoscopy.