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For Elizabeth Vivenzio, getting a diagnostic MRI was always an apprehensive experience due to her claustrophobia. However, once she heard of the 3T MRI Sentient Suite offered at Valley, the experience was a welcomed relief.elizabeth patient story

The Wanaque resident requires continuous monitoring, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), for a genetic condition. However, she has experienced anxiety attacks during several previous MRI scans at other locations.

“I had even resorted to getting IV sedation for my prior MRI scans so that I could tolerate it,” Elizabeth said.

After searching for a solution to this ongoing challenge, Elizabeth learned about Valley’s Sentient Suite. She consulted with her physician who prescribed oral anti-anxiety medication so she could try to successfully overcome her fears without IV sedation.

The 3T MRI Sentient Suite offers a wider bore MRI, and the patient sees soothing nature scenes viewable from within the bore via a strategically placed mirror. Personalized options include a choice of nature scenes, music, and aromatherapy.

The new 3T MRI also provides outstanding image quality compared to previous models due to its stronger and more powerful electromagnetic field. It also scans at a quicker, more efficient speed. All these aspects help to make patients feel relaxed and at ease.

“The Sentient Suite is life-changing for me. It offered everything that is described. The mirror that reflected peaceful images at the end of the bore was remarkable,” said Elizabeth. “It was truly a spa-like environment. All these aspects led to enhancing my comfort level.”

Elizabeth also credited the staff for her experience. “The care and compassion of the professionals eased my fears and truly distinguished the suite as a soothing, exceptional experience for me. The MRI nurse and MRI technologist were both so patient, comforting, and compassionate. You could sense that they deeply care about their patients.”

“Thank you to Valley for creating a stress-free and comfortable experience for those of us who have claustrophobic issues,” Elizabeth said. “This invaluable service will improve my health since I will no longer postpone MRI exams that are so essential to my ongoing health challenges.”

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